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Wearing the Mighty Badge™ makes it easier to meet new people, connect instantly, and edge out the competition. Leaf through our catalog to get details about our wide variety of name badges, signage, supplies and accessories.

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2 Innova on + Immediacy = Instant Impact Product Features 2 • Personal choice in badges Available in 10 sizes, 3 colors, fastener options include 3 styles of magnetic backings to fit every budget • Size matters Available in kits that match your organization's specific size; 10, 50, 100, 500, or 1000 units • Built in stainability Refill packs are available • Green solution Every component is reusable • Brand to perfection Clear or white paper printable inserts are colorfast • No waste Print one insert or all of them at once. Specialty insert sheets are re-feedable • For every printer Compatible with inkjet and laser printers • Simple design tools Microsoft Gold Certified Software offers immediate results for a quick and easy template design. Let's not forget data import capabilities, a great time saving tool. NPG software operates in over 35,000 locations A versatile fit for any business and industry, our badge systems are built using high quality and durable components to ensure an elegant and professionally finished badge. Customer Benefi ts for the MIGHTY BADGE TM Products Every name badge kit we provide has customer benefits built right in. PROFESSIONAL The sophisticated badges help you and your teams stand out. Your brand and your name will be remembered, and that matters. GLOBAL The MIGHT Y BADGE TM kit contains software in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese, so your global affiliates and employees can also enjoy this same system and provide the consistency expected by your brand. CHANGE Extra inserts and labels are included in every kit so the logo and/or name can be changed on the badges. In all cases one can simply reprint the inserts, hand them out, and a new badge is created. SPEED & SIMPLICITY The personalizing of most badges are done outside of the business and sent by a postal system to the end user. We offer a DIY badge systems that enable the user to create a personalized, customized badge in minutes. RISK FREE Tested by over 35,000 customers in 75 countries! A the MIGHTY BADGE TM

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