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Wearing the Mighty Badge™ makes it easier to meet new people, connect instantly, and edge out the competition. Leaf through our catalog to get details about our wide variety of name badges, signage, supplies and accessories.

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3 Product Features • Stand out Available in our most popular size • Size matters Each kit contains 2 or 4 units; the perfect number for a small enterprise B YouWho TM • Built in Stainability Refill packs are available • Print Easy Small format printing sheets—envelope size • Brand to perfection Clear or white paper printable inserts are colorfast • For every printer Compatible with inkjet or laser printers Product Features • Print anywhere anytime Personalize in white or black with your Brother P-touch® printer. Label cartridges are compatible with Brother P-touch® 1" (24 mm) label printers C BadgeWear TM • No adhesive Specialty cartridges, no need to worry about hand-eye coordination • Stand out Available in our most popular size • Rainbow of colors Choose from a rainbow of plate colors • Bright white Personalize in white Product Features • Distinctive style Curved frame visible from many angles • Built in fastener options A moveable 6-position clip is one of the fastener options specifically designed for this badge. Pins and magnets are also available D Panorama TM • Frame your message Four colors, Clear, Grey, Red or Black allow you to choose the perfect frame for your brand • Lightweight Lightweight material does not compromise this badge's quality and durability • Template specific All the design features match to the Panorama template design. Each name badge system has been designed for use by businesses with 2 or 200,000 employees. All badges can be personalized and customized at one or multiple locations with ease.

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