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Wearing the Mighty Badge™ makes it easier to meet new people, connect instantly, and edge out the competition. Leaf through our catalog to get details about our wide variety of name badges, signage, supplies and accessories.

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Insert Sheets Name badge Peel-Off Insert Sheets DESCRIPTION NUMBER PER SHEET DIMENSIONS (US) DIMENSIONS (UK) Small 26 2.50" x 0.75" 6.4cm x 1.9cm Medium Rectangle 20 1.00" x 3.00" 2.54cm x 7.62cm Medium Plus 12 1.50" x 3.00" 3.81cm x 7.62cm Large Rectangle 12 1.50" x 2.75" 3.81cm x 6.98cm Square 12 1.62" x 1.62" 4.11cm x 4.11cm ID 8 2.00" x 3.37" 5.38cm x 8.55cm Thin Oval (Elongated) 14 2.75" x 0.95" 6.98cm x 2.41cm Small Oval 12 1.97" x 1.28" 5cm x 3.25cm Large Oval 10 2.57" x 1.70" 6.52cm x 4.31cm Signage Peel-Off Insert Sheets STANDING SIGN DESCRIPTION NUMBER PER SHEET DIMENSIONS (US) DIMENSIONS (UK) BF (Oval) Buffet 3 2.32" x 5.32" 5.89cm x 13.51cm 3" x 5" 3" x 5" / Large Rectangle 3 3.00" x 5.00" 7.62cm x 12.70cm ID (Credit Card) ID 8 2.12" x 3.37" 5.38cm x 8.56cm CONTEMPORARY SIZE NUMBER PER SHEET 2" x 8" 2" x 8" 3 2.00" x 8.00" 5.08cm x 20.32cm 2" x 10" 2" x 10" 3 2.00" x 10.00" 5.08cm x 25.40cm 3" x 5.25" 3" x 5.25" 3 3.00" x 5.25" 7.62cm x 13.34cm Insert sheet sizes are also available for signage. Create sleek, professional, top quality name badges and signs instantly in-house with a switch of an Insert! Eco-friendly and cost effective, a brand new badge or sign can be made in minutes with the Mighty Badge Insert Sheets™. the Mighty Badge Insert Sheets™, simple-to-use name badge and signage insert sheets are the smart way to make name badges and signs. By simply replacing an insert, you have a new badge or sign in seconds, at a fraction of the cost by reusing the badge or sign plate, lenscover and fastener or stand. Make reusable name badges and signage on demand. The Peel-Off inserts mean you can print only the amount you need at once, and reuse the rest of the inserts later; the sheet can be re-fed through a laser or inkjet printer for unlimited times. Inserts peel right off in one easy step! • Peel-able • Clean and crisp color Available in different sizes. Available in Bright White Paper Insert Sheet™ or Crystal Clear Insert Sheet™ Available for Inkjet or Laser Printers. • Quick drying time • Dual-layer technology allows for multiple feeds PRICING FOR ALL INSERT SHEETS PACKS LIST PRICE PER KIT 5 Pack $44.00 Customized Insert Sheets Customize and design your name badges to display company logos in full color. Normally, a metal name badge is screen- printed with graphics (a permanent process), then marked with text (also permanent). By moving the printing from the badge plate itself to a third layer of printable material, the badge becomes both customizable and reusable. Now changes in job titles or staff turnover won't cost you a new name badge! 27

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